Warriors bring home first win of football season

After a long drought of a winless season, the varsity Warrrior football team defeated the Charlestown Pirates 23-14 on Friday, Sept. 25.

“It was super exciting,” running back Traven Crawford (11) said. “It was about time.”

Crawford scored two touchdowns and rushed for 226 yards to help bring the Warrior football team to victory at home.

“It was a personal best for me. It felt great. Now, I have another goal to beat,” Crawford said. “It was a team effort with a lot of good blocking.”

In the fourth quarter, lineman Bryson Grady (12) went down with an injury and was taken off the field by ambulance. Grady suffered a broken tibia and fibula as well as a dislocated ankle. He had a surgery to repair the injury.

As a senior, Grady ending his season early will push the team work harder for a win at the homecoming game on Friday.

“We just need to help the younger guys,” Crawford said.

Crawford hopes for a win, and the team will continue to “do our thing” and “play as a team.”

“We will be using that momentum [from the Charlestown game] to get a win this week,” Crawford said.

If the Warriors win, it will result in the first win for the team on its homecoming game.

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