The Booster, Totem win 41 awards at state convention

The Booster and Totem won 41 Rowena Harvey Awards from the Indiana High School Press Association on Friday morning. More than 640 entries were submitted for this year’s competition from schools across Indiana.

The Booster staff won first place awards in column writing, editorial writing, feature writing, news writing, opinion coverage, writing portfolio, multi-page design, and portrait/photo illustration.

Totem won first place awards in clubs/organization coverage, features/student life coverage, infographics, news/current events, sports coverage, yearbook ads/index, and yearbook album. The 2019 Totem was recently awarded the Hoosier Star Award, the state’s top award, for its excellence.

“I am so proud of the hard work and dedication our newspaper and yearbook staff members put into the stories, designs, and photography they create. These awards highlight their talents and work and continue the long-standing tradition of SHS’ award-winning publications,” said Sara Denhart, adviser for both publications. “Our staff members spend hours making sure they provide the best coverage they can, so they can tell the story of SHS throughout the school year. We had a particularly difficult challenge in 2020 when faced with a global pandemic, but our staff members rose to the occasion — sometimes sitting in their cars in the school parking lot to use the wifi and to have server access — and persevered to complete their last three issues and the 2020 yearbook.”

This year’s award winners for The Booster include:

  • Abby Doriot and Justice LaMaster, second place, academics coverage
  • Hailey Christoff, second place, clubs/organizations coverage
  • Donald Arbuckle, first place, column writing
  • Donald Arbuckle, third place, column writing
  • Harmony Richey, honorable mention, editorial cartoon
  • Jaiden Herald, first place, editorial writing
  • Tierra Combs, third place, editorial writing
  • Rita Nicholson, first place, feature writing
  • Isabela Diaz, Abby Doriot, and Rita Nicholson, second place, feature writing
  • Isabela Diaz, honorable mention, feature writing
  • Isabela Diaz and Abby Doriot, third place, features/student life coverage
  • Baylee Comer, second place, infographics
  • Baylee Comer, third place, infographics
  • Baylee Comer, honorable mention, infographics
  • Baylee Comer, first place, multi-page design
  • Baylee Comer, third place, multi-page design
  • Rita Nicholson, first place, news writing
  • Tierra Combs, first place, opinion coverage
  • Sadie Fugate, second place, portrait/photo illustration
  • Jaiden Herald, first place, portrait/photo illustration
  • Baylee Comer, second place, single-page design
  • Baylee Comer, third place, single-page design
  • Baylee Comer, honorable mention, single-page design
  • Isabela Diaz, third place, sports coverage
  • Tierra Combs, third place, sports photo
  • Rita Nicholson, second place, website
  • Jaiden Herald, third place, writing portfolio
  • Abby Doriot, first place, writing portfolio

This year’s award winners for Totem include:

  • Lauren Jeffries, Gianna Lewis, and Kristen Skelton, first place, clubs/organization coverage
  • Lauren Jeffries and Kynleigh Watson, honorable mention, feature writing
  • Salena Burks, Daisy Soto, and Sydney Middleton, first place, features/student life coverage
  • Lauren Jeffries and Ellie Bryson, first place, infographics
  • Kristen Skelton and Totem staff, second place, multi-page design
  • Kristen Skelton, Katelynn Pedigo, Lauren Jeffries, first place, news/current events coverage
  • Kynleigh Watson, third place, photojournalism portfolio
  • Kynleigh Watson, second place, portrait/photo illustration
  • Kristen Skelton and Katelynn Pedigo, honorable mention, single-page design
  • Kristen Skelton, Ellie Bryson, and Lily Walsh, first place, sports coverage
  • Brianna Self, first place, yearbook ads/index
  • Gianna Lewis, Kristen Skelton, and Kirsten Hood, first place, yearbook album
  • Kynleigh Watson and Lauren Jeffries, second place, yearbook theme

“The winners represent the best in scholastic journalism from all regions of the state,” Ryan Gunterman, IHSPA executive director, said in a press release. “The Rowena Harvey Award competition is held annually and celebrates outstanding individual and staff achievements in responsible, effective journalism. Those earning this honor personify the devotion and dedication of the late Rowena Harvey, past president of the Indiana High School Press Association and adviser of student publications at Fort Wayne South Side High School for 40 years.”

The staff of The Booster

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