Motivation to complete work causes struggle among students while at home

Students’ motivation has had a big decrease since COVID-19 happened and everything went online. Some students are having a hard time focusing on school. Some people say virtual school is not difficult, but virtual school becomes hard in terms of motivation and trying to get students to do the work consistently and in a timely manner.

Online classes can be stressful and bring down students making them lose motivation to learn. Unlike regular school days, which last eight hours each day and have teachers in-person to help out the students, online lessons can take one to three hours to complete. The amount of time and the lack of a teacher right there, physically, keeping students accountable gives students a reason to put it off and not do it or forget. 

Online school has more distractions especially since students stay at home. Video games, phones, streaming services, food, work, and other everyday distractions can cause students to lack motivation to do their assignments and lessons because they would rather put off the work or not do anything but what they want to do. 

Let’s face it:  Online learning can become irritating, monotonous, and boring, Most students would rather be on their phones or hanging out with friends than doing online work they do not understand or have no motivation in doing. 

Schoolwork, while important to complete, can pose a challenge to a lot of us students. Personally, in March, at first, I was OK with doing school online. It was simple, but as time went by, I started to struggle because I could not get the motivation or see the point in doing it anymore. I had a lot of distractions around me, and I couldn’t focus. I would always find a way to talk myself out of doing my work, which was not good on my part. Motivation is not easy to have especially if you know you can be doing something much more entertaining. In-person school you have to do your work because you have no choice — you cannot just get up and leave or not do anything, but online you can. You have a lot more freedom to do whatever.

Motivation does not improve with going online unless students push themselves and come up with reasons why doing the work is important. It takes discipline and grit to get the job done.

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