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Students provide top picks on favorite movies, shows to watch

Scrolling through Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, or just the channels on your television, the number of choices can leave one overwhelmed. With so many options available, it can become difficult to find the right binge-worthy series or next great movie to watch.

With 17 seasons, “Grey’s Anatomy” has become a must-see show since 2005 with the lead character Meredith Grey and her fellow young doctors working through residency to their lives as attending doctors. The show packs in the drama, romance, and medical know-how to make this show an easy contender of a binge-worthy status.

“If you are interested in becoming a part of a staff that works in a hospital, or someone who likes drama you should watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. I give it a 9/10 because it has an equal amount of drama, working, and romance scenes. I like how they do different types of surgeries and how you can learn new things from watching the show,” junior Ashley Hutchison said.

With as many different types of genres of movies and shows available as personal preferences exist, it can become hard to navigate what show or movie to watch. One could find crime, medical, musicals, romance, horror, and so much more all at their fingertips.

In the crime genre, “Criminal Minds” became wildly popular again during the pandemic. With 15 seasons available online through various platforms, “Criminal Minds” tells the story of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, a specialized group of agents and scientists who profile the country’s worst serial killers, disturbed individuals and violent criminals. The show also includes a cast of fun, lovable characters, such as Penelope Garcia, Derek Morgan and Dr. Spencer Reid, and tells the story of their interpersonal relationships.

“Someone who is interested in working with crime or is just interested in the crime genre should watch ‘Criminal Minds’. I would give ‘Criminal Minds’ an 8/10 because I like the genre, but it can be very graphic. I like learning about how they can catch criminals based off of a profile.” sophomore Mallory McGlothin said. 

Another binge-worthy show available on Netflix, “Tiny Pretty Things” takes viewers into the world of ballet. A star ballet student was attacked, and the competitive world of dance takes a spin into a manipulative, conniving, and dark world. Someone should watch ‘Tiny Pretty Things’ if they like crime, drama, and dancing shows. The show has a lot of drama and romance scenes, but it is more based on a huge crime that needs to be solved. 

The show was an amazing show, and the ending just makes one want to scream. The show had a good balance of crime and drama, the different plot twists that happen in the show and the build-up to the end makes “Tiny Pretty Things” the show to watch.

Sometimes finishing a show or movie leads the viewer to look for other shows directed by, produced by, written by, acted by with the same people. Other people take suggestions given by Netflix, Disney+, or Hulu about related shows or shows one might enjoy if they liked the show they just watched. 

For example, if one liked “High School Musical,” then they might like “Julie and the Phantoms” because the person who directed the High School Musicals directed this show. “Julie and the Phantoms” has plenty of music and drama, relates to real-life problems, and brings you to tears in some parts.

Similarly, if one liked watching “Bizaardvark” growing up on the Disney Channel, then they might like “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” as both shows star Olivia Rodrigo, who also has a song, “Drivers License,” which was popularized on TikTok and now climbing the Billboard charts.

With many shows and movies in the realistic fiction genre, many teens find it easy to relate to the show or find help through the information the show provides. Shows and movies that have a book tie-in helps fans see their favorite book characters come to life on the screen.

“People should watch ‘Midnight Sun’ if they like adventure and romance. I would give this movie a 10-star rating because not only is it a romance movie, it is also about overcoming obstacles. I liked that this movie brought about so many emotions and feelings. I was interested during the whole movie.” McGlothlin said. 

“People should watch ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ because it depicts young love and adventure in a very authentic way. I would rate the movie probably an 8/10. I love the story and the nostalgia it gives me now when I rewatch it,” junior Tierra Combs said. “It also was the first movie that really started the young love genre that has paved the way for other movies such as ‘Five Feet Apart’, ‘Everything, Everything’, and ‘Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl’. I’m a sucker for a good romance, especially if there is a book version. This movie had a great portrayal of young love and adventure and that was probably the thing I loved most about the movie and book.”

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