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I am on my phone more than anything. I use my phone for everything, but the one app I use the most is TikTok. 

TikTok is an app where people post videos that can be funny, sad or informative. I love watching TikToks where they cook. I love learning new recipes and trying new things. 

I am a huge procrastinator as well, so I am usually on TikTok if I am not doing my work. But, it is not all procrastination:  Some of the content on TikTok can help me with my school work.  During part of my school day, I am at Prosser for nursing; the class work and tests there can be pretty difficult. Some creators on TikTok are in college for nursing or went to college for nursing. I have had so much help on how to prioritize my study for school, even regular English and math classes. 

TikTok can also help me with everyday life or adulting situations. I do not know too much about my car, so I am always asking my friends who do. However, sometimes they are busy and cannot help me right away. Since I’m on TikTok a lot, sometimes a video about how to change your tire, jump start a car, or change your oil can be found on there. Many different accounts on TikTok exist just to help viewers fix things or know more about them. 

TikTok can help me stay current on things going on in the world or in the country, such as the forest fires, the BLM protests and the presidential election. I know a lot of people think the internet is full of “fake news,” but platforms like TikTok have actually taught me about things happening in other parts of the world that news stations do not have time to broadcast.

I can say I have learned so much from TikTok and will continue to do so. TikTok is more than just entertainment; it can teach us about community, more about our interests, help with real world scenarios, and staying educated about the topics that matter to us most.

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