Underclassmen should not attend prom

Some students fantasize about the thought of attending prom once they are in high school, but prom is intended for those juniors and seniors — not underclassmen.

Even with that being said, underclassmen some times attend. 

Generally, bringing a freshman to prom is frowned upon unless they are going as the date of an upperclassmen.

Some may even ask what exactly even is the point of prom. To juniors and seniors, it gives them an opportunity to dress up, create memories, and spend time with friends before their friends and classmates go their separate ways after graduation.

Not only does prom give a sense of closure for upperclassmen as they say goodbye to their friends and classmates, prom requires a certain level a maturity to attend. Prom costs a lot of money, time, and preparation for the school and students to put together. The students who go to prom should be those who are aware of the responsibility and maturity it takes to attend, and a lot of growth and maturity happens from the start of freshman year up until the start of junior year and takes time to happen. 

So no, freshmen and sophomores do not belong at prom. Although it does not apply to all underclassmen, the majority of freshmen and sophomore students lack the maturity it takes to be able to play a part in prom. The right time comes for everyone in everything at some point. In this case, the right time to go to prom would be junior or senior year. 

Upperclassmen could feel the sense of agitation or frustration when they arrive at prom and see a bunch of 14- and 15-year-old students there. Seniors could even bring dates from the ages of 19 or 20, and it does not make sense to have such a social, mental, and emotional maturity divide at prom. 

When people look at other schools and their rules for prom, underclassmen cannot go whatsoever even if they are accompanying an upperclassmen. Just as previously stated, underclassmen should be able to attend only if they are going as the date of a junior or senior. But just going singularly with their own group of friends, they should not be able to go.

Hopefully, once the full idea of prom is put into perspective, underclassmen will realize they need to wait until junior or senior year to attend prom.

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