Track moves forward as freshmen, sophomores start their first season

With more COVID-19 mandates being lifted, spring sports have prompted student-athletes to resume regular practices and games or meets. As of 2020, the track team had an entire year to condition as a result of the high school locking down a week before spring break. The team, especially freshmen and sophomores, regard the introduction of the 2021 season as unusual.

Jaxon Barnett (9), who is new to high school track, finds it quite different from middle school track.

“It takes a lot more skill, strength, and speed to be able to compete with the elite athletes from all schools,” Barnett said. “Preparation takes more training and conditioning while in high school.”

Although Barnett is a newcomer, the upperclassmen have accepted him into the track family. With more experience under their belt, the upperclassmen share insightful information with the freshmen. As being one of the younger members, Barnett said he does not max out at all events; although, he is more than happy to try new things to help the team win.

Junior Mason Busick, along with seniors, tries to alleviate any stress on the sophomores and freshmen by leading.

“As an upperclassman, I try to be a leader and set an example for the younger guys. I will lead warmups and workouts and try to get everyone together before meets,” Busick said. 

Sophomore Emily Foster still finds the new season unusual despite her first season being shut down due to the pandemic.

“It was very weird not to have a season last year and this year will be my first official year in track, but I am very happy to be able to run this year,” Foster said.

Barnett, a discus thrower, had a difficult time adjusting to events; however, he found that losing his eighth-grade season was more difficult to comprehend. He struggles to remember the correct throwing and spinning form.

Although some members had no way of conditioning before the season started, many others used different sports as their way of early conditioning.

“Swim is a full-body workout and helps keep my core and legs in shape,” said Foster, who is a member of the girls swim team. 

Her events include 4×800 meter relay and sometimes the 4×400 meter relay, both a core and leg event.

With the 2021 spring season being a bright opening, many of the players see this as a new beginning.

“This season I hope for us to be very successful. So far, our season has been very promising and I’m really happy with where we are at,” Busick said.

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