SHS senior receives Lilly scholarship

Senior Lara McGlothlin was named the 2022 Lilly Endowment Scholarship winner. She plans to pursue a career as a pediatrician and will attend IUPUI in the fall. (Photo submitted by Lara McGlothlin)

By Ashley Mihalik, contributing writer

A surprise of flowers and of a congratulatory letter came to the door of the 2022 Lilly Endowment Scholarship winner, Lara McGlothlin, on a Monday evening in December.

“I have always known that I have wanted to become a pediatrician, but reaching that goal requires a large amount of time, dedication, and schooling. Through the Lilly, my goal is that much more attainable, and I am extremely grateful for that,” said McGlothlin, a senior.

In the fall, McGlothlin plans to attend IUPUI with a major in Biology, on the pre-medical track; she then plans to become a pediatrician. She said she felt grateful for the opportunities that the full-tuition scholarship provides her with.

“I honestly did not have any idea about who would receive the Lilly. I knew most of the other applicants, and I knew that they had also worked extremely hard to receive the scholarship,” she said.

McGlothlin said the “hard work and dedication” along with her extracurricular activities is what earned her the Lily. She had help to improve her work to make it the best though. She felt grateful for all of her English classes through the years. After all of this work, she did not expect to be the one to earn the scholarship.

“I had a million thoughts in my head before I knew the results. I thought that all of the applicants were remarkable individuals, and I thought that all of them were deserving of the scholarship,” McGlothlin said.

She said she knew that everyone was deserving of the Lilly, and she knew that the judges would have a hard time deciding on who should receive the scholarship. The work she put in and the dedication she had to keep her GPA at a 4.0 helped her resumé.

“I truly was just thinking about how talented we all were, and I thought that it would be an extremely tough decision for the committee,” McGlothlin said.

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