Spam Instagram accounts grow in popularity

By Riley Wright, contributing writer

Spam Instagram accounts have become one of the most talked about social media topics at school. Anonymous account owners continue to post despite the actions being against school handbook policy. (Photo by Madison Brown)

Spam Instagram accounts have grown in popularity at SHS. These accounts have become one of the most talked about, social media-related topics around the school. They stretch from bad parking pictures to fight videos. Even with pictures circling around on Snapchat or TikTok, these Instagram accounts stand out the most. 

“I don’t like them. I think a big reason is that it doesn’t speak life,” Principal Chris Routt said. “Everybody loves dirty laundry as long as it’s not theirs.” 

According to the school handbook policy, students cannot take pictures, record video, or create audio recordings of students or staff on school property or at a school-sponsored events. Students cannot record or photography fights or altercations. Not only can the students not take photographs, audio or video of anything during the school day, students cannot post those pictures, video or audio that they unknowingly or knowingly took of other people or themselves to any social media accounts.

“We’re made aware, we investigate, and then we’ll call the appropriate students down and handle it from there,” Routt said. 

Students who own one of these various anonymous accounts face several disciplinary actions.. According to the student handbook, some disciplinary actions for being the face behind these types of social media accounts might include, Friday night school, one-half  to more than one demerits, one full day of in-school suspension or several days of in-school suspension and a call home. 

“…Then again if what you’re doing is disrupting the school day, and if it can keep other kids from learning…it can get kinda ugly. The more it disrupts the school day, the worse it’s gonna be for the student,” Assistant Principal Jeff Cox said. 

“That’s the million-dollar question. I don’t know, I think if you’re trying to look for a reference to make a decision, speak life, if what your posting or saying doesn’t encourage or build someone up, then don’t do it. That’s your simple answer,” Routt said.

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