Underclassmen get conference mention

By Jillian Smith

Freshman Hayden Cutter was named All-State Honorable Mention by the Associated Press on April 15. Cutter was also recognized by former Warrior, Senator Chris Garten, for breaking the SHS freshman scoring record with 357 points during the 2018-2019 season.

Treyton Owens (10) received Mid Southern Conference Honorable Mention, while Cutter received All MSC at the end of their 2018-19 season last month.

Science Olympiad places 4th

By Jillian Smith

Science Olympiad, a mind challenging club, competed on March 2 at Ivy Tech in West Lafayette. Faced with 23 different events, the team placed 4th out of 5 teams. The team had 10 members medal with several students placing in 2nd place.

The students started to prepare on their own for a month before the competition. When it gets later into the season, the team meets and starts collaborating together. Asking questions, building different items, and having your coaches there for help made their team even more successful.

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TikTok becomes popular amongst students

By Jordyn Livesay and Jillian Smith

What was once an app for lip syncing called Musical.ly, turned into TikTok. It has the same concept, but users are now using it to make various types of videos. These can range from the traditional lip syncing to music, dancing, duets, cute animals or anything you could imagine. While these kinds of videos are easy to make fun of, they are actually super fun to watch and make. Many people think the app is just for young kids like pre-teens, but the majority of “TikTokers” are high school age.

SHS students who use tik toks see the app as a joke and just make the videos for fun.

“I kinda make TikToks as a joke so I don’t really mind if people make fun of me for it,” said Chloe Helton (11).

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Perfect online may not mean perfect offline

By Jillian Smith

You are always told not to believe what you see and read on the internet, whether it be from politics to random facts. In the case of romantic relationships, should you believe that a couple’s fairy tale pictures and posts are real? Is everything sunshine and rainbows behind the phone?

Living in a world where our social media accounts can be the first and last things we see throughout the day, it can be hard for some people not to post their daily activities. It is nature for teens in this generation to make an effort to stay connected with the world.

While scrolling through Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat you might come across a happy, loving couple. Since most teens see their significant other daily, they feel like they need to show off their “cute” relationship online all the time. They see their relationship as something to be proud of, and they want their followers to see that.

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