World Languages Festival brings Spanish and French immersion to SHS

By Rita Nicholson

For one of the first times, students experienced French and Spanish cultures within the hallways of SHS. Last Wednesday, SHS hosted the very first World Languages Festival.

The festival kicked off with a scavenger hunt. The groups consisted of both French and Spanish students and even included students from Austin and Salem.

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Novel shows the injustice of discrimination


By Rita Nicholson

Usually I read books to escape reality, but A Very Large Expanse of Sea, by Tahereh Mafi, threw me into a harsher one instead. The book focuses on Shirin, a Muslim teenager, and her struggles with the rest of the world as she moves from school to school a year after 9/11. At her most recent school, Shirin meets Ocean James. He genuinely wants to get to know her (which is unusual because of most people’s reactions to Shirin’s ethnicity and religion), and this scares Shirin. The novel follows Shirin as she learns to open up.

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Adopt don’t shop

Adoption gives animals a second chance

By Rita Nicholson

Axel loves to chase cars. After all, someone has to protect the humans, right?

Cooper Bailey (10) describes his dog as “a little bit of a doofus” but “very protective.”  His family bought Axel, a mastiff lab mix, for $100.

“We did have two dogs, but one passed away so we got a new puppy for our other dog to have a friend. We weren’t exactly planning on getting a dog, but then [the opportunity to get Axel] came up, and my mom just decided to go for it,” Bailey said.

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Original versions of fairytales

By Rita Nicholson


In the original version, the prince finds Rapunzel in her tower after hearing her singing. One day, the enchantress who originally hid Rapunzel in the tower finds out about the secret relationship and banishes Rapunzel to the desert. When the prince finds out, he jumps from the tower and lands on rose bushes. He’s blinded by the thorns and blindly wanders the forest until he stumbles upon the desert where Rapunzel now lives in banishment. She has also given birth to twins. Rapunzel’s tears upon seeing the prince cure his blindness, and they all live happily after.

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