The journey of life without a phone

By Riya Bhula

Six months without a phone. You’re probably wondering what that must feel like. What it might feel like to be completely detached from your friends, social life and the world in general. Instead of it turning out to be torturous, it happened to open my eyes to the world. I spent six months without a phone. Growing up in a world full of technology, I was always used to using some type of device to entertain myself, and when I didn’t have my phone anymore, my life began to get harder.

I spent the first couple of days mad since I had no one to talk to anymore and nothing to do all the time. I then started to be more active in my school work and doing better on it since I had nothing else to throw my time into. I found that not having a phone gave me time to focus on school and try to do my best on everything. I started doing assignments weeks in advance so I didn’t stress about it, and it was honestly so good for me.

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Review of Cher: Here We Go Again Tour

By Hunter Barrett

On Valentine’s Day I traveled up to Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana with my mom to watch Cher’s farewell tour, “Cher: Here We Go Again.” I believe the tour’s name is supposed to be ironic because she said that her last world tour would be her last, but she is on the road again, as she says this will really be the last time.

I’ll be the first to say, I hope that when I’m nearly 73 years old I can move with the same ability that Cher can.

Parking was pretty difficult and expensive. Eventually, we decided to park at Circle Centre Mall and walk a few blocks to the venue. Parking ended up costing $14, which is better than the $30 other places were asking. As we walked up to the venue, it was packed. I noticed almost immediately that I was probably the only person under the age of 50 within eye shot, besides my mom. This didn’t really shock me though because of Cher’s age and popularity throughout the world.

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The truth behind the color of flowers

By Riya Bhula

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, you wonder what type of flowers to get for your loved ones, but you have a hard time choosing the right one. Roses are significantly used during this time so make sure you’re giving the right one to your loved ones. Different colored flowers have different meanings, that’s why it is important for you to choose the right color.

  • Red roses are to represent love. 
  • White roses represent purity. 
  • Pink and peach roses show appreciation.
  • Light pink roses show admiration.
  • Yellow roses are for friendship.
  • Orange and coral roses show desire. 
  • Lavender roses signify love at first sight.
  • Blue roses represent the unattainable.