FFA Officer Slate

By Sadie Fugate

  • President – Jaiden Herald 
  • Vice President – Alek Babbs 
  • Secretary – Jenna Buckner
  • Treasurer – Shirley Witt 
  • Reporter – Brianna Herald 
  • Sentinel – Madyson Richey 
  • Historian – Brinley Soloe 
  • Parlimentarian – Sam Everett 
  • Chaplin – Hannah Smith 

Novel fails to deliver on promised adventure

By Rita NicholsonT

Tess of the Road resounds with a message of endurance, and surprisingly enough, I had to use that lesson to get through this book.

Tess of the Road, by Rachel Hartman, is about a young girl, Tess, who runs away from her home when her family threatens to send her to a nunnery. She runs into an old friend, Pathka, who also happens to be a type of dragon. She and Pathka then journey across the kingdoms, meeting new people, making new memories and running into all sorts of trouble.

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Parenting tactic causes teens to struggle with responsibility

By Sadie Fugate

According to pop culture, movies, TV shows, and music, high school is supposed to be a time of newfound freedom and revelation for young adolescents. It is supposed to be a time where young adults learn how to reason on their own and learn how to be responsible for their own actions. With the advancement of technology and the rise of the “helicopter parent,” this essential rite of passage is becoming a lot more challenging to obtain.

Helicopter parenting revolves around the idea of knowing where the teenager is at all times and what he/she is doing. It has become a largely common practice by more modern parents with the help of apps like Life360 and tracker devices on teen drivers cars. With these devices, parents are able to see the fastest speed the child drove, how many times they stopped or accelerated too fast, along with constantly being able to view the teenager’s location.

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Immigrants take a risk for a free life

By Alivia Lytle

Women, children and families are all on the path to a free country but are not prepared for what to expect.

Thousands of immigrants are traveling by foot to America for the chance of a better life. There have been chances of disease and injury, but these immigrants are taking that risk.

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