Review of Avengers Endgame

By Savannah Baird

Applause, laughter and tears are three thing that came from the audience on Friday, April 26 during the 7 p.m. showing of Avengers Endgame. Since Avengers Infinity War, people all over have been talking about how the story would end, how the Avengers would handle what happened in the latest of movie of the series and of course, what happened to everyone that was killed in infinity war.

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Novel shows the injustice of discrimination


By Rita Nicholson

Usually I read books to escape reality, but A Very Large Expanse of Sea, by Tahereh Mafi, threw me into a harsher one instead. The book focuses on Shirin, a Muslim teenager, and her struggles with the rest of the world as she moves from school to school a year after 9/11. At her most recent school, Shirin meets Ocean James. He genuinely wants to get to know her (which is unusual because of most people’s reactions to Shirin’s ethnicity and religion), and this scares Shirin. The novel follows Shirin as she learns to open up.

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Review of And the Trees Crept In

By Rita Nicholson

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Silla and Nori can’t catch a break in And the Trees Crept In, written by Dawn Kurtagich. They run away from their mother and abusive stepfather to the manor house, which is where their mother and her sisters grew up, to live with Aunt Cathy. For the first couple of years, everything is great until the trees move closer to their house, Nori starts to play with a strange, creepy man that only she can see, and Aunt Cathy goes to the attic and never comes out.

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Review of “Thank U, Next”

By Hunter Barrett

Just six short months after releasing “Sweetener” Ariana Grande has released another album, titled “Thank U, Next.”

The first single off of “Thank U, Next” was actually a song by the name of “Thank U, Next.” That song went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, which is a big deal in the music industry.

After that, Grande released “Imagine” and “7 Rings”, “7 Rings” also went number one on the charts. Shortly after releasing these, Ariana dropped her newest album “Thank U, Next” on Feb. 8, 2019. Grande had a third song, “Break Up with Your Boyfriend, I’m Bored”, go number one as well.

After one listen, I decided it was her second best album, after “Dangerous Woman”, her 2016 album. “Thank U, Next” opens with the song “Imagine”, which features some heavy vocals and is about imagining a perfect relationship.

Some of the most notable and my personal favorite songs off of the album would be “NASA”, “Ghostin”, “Bad Idea” and “Bloodline.” These songs are very meaningful and some of them are more upbeat and poppy, which I like.

“Ghostin” is a ballad supposedly written to any future lover that Ariana Grande has and in the song she apologizes for crying and being sad over the death of her former boyfriend, Mac Miller. The song is super sad and a fan favorite.

Overall, the album is very good and worth a listen. The album can be found at any store that sells albums and on all streaming services. The price of the album ranges anywhere from $10 to $15.