Original versions of fairytales

By Rita Nicholson

It’s common in popular fairy tales for characters to resolve their troubles and find a happy ending. More often than not, that’s a lie. Many original versions of fairy tales have features that are darker and lesser known.

But what exactly is a fairy tale? In a translation of the Brothers Grimm story collection, Ken Mondschein writes that “a fairy tale is a form of folk tale—a traditional story that doesn’t have a definite author but belongs to everyone equally.” Fairy tales often, but not always, have a magical element, like characters such as witches, dwarves or actual fairies.

The Kennedy Center states that many fairy tales “were passed along by word-of-mouth.” The Grimm brothers were some of the first people to collect such stories into a literary form. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were born in Germany in respectively 1785 and 1786. Mondschein says that “before the brothers were out of their early teens, they had begun collecting notebooks of Märchen.” The Grimm brothers called their collection Märchen, which meant tales, or Kinder- und Hausmärchen (Children’s and House-Tales).

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The celebration of Holi

By Riya Bhula

Celebrated mostly in India, Holi is a Hindu spring festival. This festival is often celebrated in multiple colleges around the world, too. It’s known as the festival of colors and love that celebrate the victory of good over evil. 

People throw water colors and powders onto others with loud music playing. The colors are made from flowers and trees which had no chemicals in them, but over time, there have been chemicals added to these colors. People also play games with their family and friends and run from others who have color in their hands trying not to get it onto them. 

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A money saving app for college students

By Alivia Lytle

UNiDAYS is an app that allows students who are in college, or take college classes, to get discounted items from some places.

Through this app, you can find discounts at nearby fast food places or even stores such as American Eagle. That makeup from MAC you bought last week for a high price could have been lowered 10 percent if you just had downloaded UNiDAYS.

“I think college students should have a cheaper way because college is super expensive, so I am glad there is an app that kids can get discounts and make life a little bit more affordable,” said Carson Evans (12).

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