Tragedy brings compassion to SHS

By Savannah Baird

Student council members collect money on hat day for the Smith family. Photos of the Smith’s house show that bedrooms were tossed around, rooms and objects were charred, and the house got so hot that the metal roofing on porch melted down.

“It all happened within like five minutes. We just ran outside and waited for the fire department,” said Jordy Smith (10).

At roughly five in the morning on March 14, the home of Jordy Smith caught on fire due to a short circuit in the utility room. Jordy’s mother Linda Smith said that she left for work at 2:30 a.m. and then her husband left at about 4:30 a.m. at five she got the call that her home was on fire.  

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Science Olympiad places 4th

By Jillian Smith

Science Olympiad, a mind challenging club, competed on March 2 at Ivy Tech in West Lafayette. Faced with 23 different events, the team placed 4th out of 5 teams. The team had 10 members medal with several students placing in 2nd place.

The students started to prepare on their own for a month before the competition. When it gets later into the season, the team meets and starts collaborating together. Asking questions, building different items, and having your coaches there for help made their team even more successful.

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EMPOWER participants in Washington, D.C.

By Hunter Barrett

EMPOWER is a youth led substance abuse coalition, with participants from both Scott County School District 1 and Scott County School District 2, according to Madelyn Shelton (12).

During the first week of February, Madelyn Shelton, Eliza Mount, Emma Christoff and six students from Austin High School traveled to Washington, D.C. to advocate to representatives.

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Inspired Grounds Cafe princess project

By Elle Fleenor

Inspired Grounds Cafe will be having a fundraiser to raise enough money in order to open this summer. The fundraiser will be on April 6 at Turning Point Church from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. The event is called “The Princess Project” and is for girls ages 2-12. There will be makeovers, movies and snacks provided. Teenage girls are needed to participate in this event by helping with nails, hair and makeup for the girls. For more information on this event or how you can help, contact Megan Johnson at +1 (812) 794-4993.