Review of And the Trees Crept In

By Rita Nicholson

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Silla and Nori can’t catch a break in And the Trees Crept In, written by Dawn Kurtagich. They run away from their mother and abusive stepfather to the manor house, which is where their mother and her sisters grew up, to live with Aunt Cathy. For the first couple of years, everything is great until the trees move closer to their house, Nori starts to play with a strange, creepy man that only she can see, and Aunt Cathy goes to the attic and never comes out.

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Keep future children safe with vaccinations

By Savannah Baird

Think about the future and think about future families and children you might have, or a friend might have. Now imagine the heartbreak that you or a friend might have to experience one day because of the death of a child. They just had their eighth birthday and made a new friend at school, and then the next day they were sick. There was a new child at school that day, and that child was not vaccinated. Children are now contracting diseases that we once thought were gone. Where does the line get drawn?

People argue that it is safe to not vaccinate their children because of diseases like the measles are gone. However, they are not. These diseases have only been contained by the vaccination of the nation’s children.

I understand to an extent people’s reservations in vaccinating their children, but they should not be allowed to put other people’s children at risk. If a child was HIV positive that child’s parents would tell other parents to make sure everyone’s children are safe, people who do not vaccinate their children should have the same courtesy.

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Perfect online may not mean perfect offline

By Jillian Smith

You are always told not to believe what you see and read on the internet, whether it be from politics to random facts. In the case of romantic relationships, should you believe that a couple’s fairy tale pictures and posts are real? Is everything sunshine and rainbows behind the phone?

Living in a world where our social media accounts can be the first and last things we see throughout the day, it can be hard for some people not to post their daily activities. It is nature for teens in this generation to make an effort to stay connected with the world.

While scrolling through Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat you might come across a happy, loving couple. Since most teens see their significant other daily, they feel like they need to show off their “cute” relationship online all the time. They see their relationship as something to be proud of, and they want their followers to see that.

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Review: Xtremenasium indoor trampoline park

By Camden Jones

Xtremenasium is a trampoline park in Clarksville that opened Sept. 15, 2018. With it being located on 706 E Lewis and Clark Pkwy, Clarksville, IN 47129, it is right in the middle of all the popular places throughout Clarksville. Xtremenasium is a great place for family and friends and a great place to host a birthday party. The activities that everyone can participate in are basketball, dodgeball and also an obstacle course that is challenging but also very fun.

Throughout Xtremenasium there are trampolines that everyone can jump on if they do not want to participate in other activities, and there are foam pits that keep you safe when flipping or doing the obstacle course. To attend Xtremnasium you must be 18 to fill out your waiver, but if you are under 18 your parent can fill it out online for you and you are good to go. The hours on weekdays are 3p.m.-8p.m. and on weekends they are open 11am-11pm on Saturday and noon -8p.m. on Sunday.