World Languages Festival brings Spanish and French immersion to SHS

By Rita Nicholson

For one of the first times, students experienced French and Spanish cultures within the hallways of SHS. Last Wednesday, SHS hosted the very first World Languages Festival.

The festival kicked off with a scavenger hunt. The groups consisted of both French and Spanish students and even included students from Austin and Salem.

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Tragedy brings compassion to SHS

By Savannah Baird

Student council members collect money on hat day for the Smith family. Photos of the Smith’s house show that bedrooms were tossed around, rooms and objects were charred, and the house got so hot that the metal roofing on porch melted down.

“It all happened within like five minutes. We just ran outside and waited for the fire department,” said Jordy Smith (10).

At roughly five in the morning on March 14, the home of Jordy Smith caught on fire due to a short circuit in the utility room. Jordy’s mother Linda Smith said that she left for work at 2:30 a.m. and then her husband left at about 4:30 a.m. at five she got the call that her home was on fire.  

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French and Spanish teachers offer future summer adventure

By Savannah Baird

For those students who are willing to work, save money and give up things that they do not need, there will be two travel opportunities in the summer of 2020. New Tech French teacher Ondra Couch and High Schools that Work Spanish teacher Lana Coverdale will both be hosting a trip two summers from now. Couch will be going to South Africa and Coverdale will be taking her students to Belize. Each trip will be in the beginning of June.

The trip to Belize will be a seven day adventure with Coverdale to a Spanish speaking destination where students can see Mayan ruins and more. Coverdale sees the trip as a learning experience that will be filled with activities.

“It’s not just a learning experience, but more active and we will being doing stuff everyday,” said Coverdale.

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