EMPOWER participants in Washington, D.C.

By Hunter Barrett

EMPOWER is a youth led substance abuse coalition, with participants from both Scott County School District 1 and Scott County School District 2, according to Madelyn Shelton (12).

During the first week of February, Madelyn Shelton, Eliza Mount, Emma Christoff and six students from Austin High School traveled to Washington, D.C. to advocate to representatives.

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Inspired Grounds Cafe princess project

By Elle Fleenor

Inspired Grounds Cafe will be having a fundraiser to raise enough money in order to open this summer. The fundraiser will be on April 6 at Turning Point Church from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. The event is called “The Princess Project” and is for girls ages 2-12. There will be makeovers, movies and snacks provided. Teenage girls are needed to participate in this event by helping with nails, hair and makeup for the girls. For more information on this event or how you can help, contact Megan Johnson at +1 (812) 794-4993.

Cheatham’s new Maranatha club

By Jaiden Herald

Coach Donna Cheatham has recently started a new Maranatha club for SHS students. Meetings are held every week during advisory on Tuesday and Thursday.

According to Cheatham, the purpose of the club it to provide an open forum for students to ask questions and hold discussions amongst their peers that is faith based. Cheatham would like students to bring their ideas and questions to meetings so the group can discuss and research.

“I want to get kids to think in a different way and see life in a new way. It is completely open. Students can discuss anything. We want to steer the conversation back to biblical means but it is wide open for all avenues of questions,” said Cheatham.

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French and Spanish teachers offer future summer adventure

By Savannah Baird

For those students who are willing to work, save money and give up things that they do not need, there will be two travel opportunities in the summer of 2020. New Tech French teacher Ondra Couch and High Schools that Work Spanish teacher Lana Coverdale will both be hosting a trip two summers from now. Couch will be going to South Africa and Coverdale will be taking her students to Belize. Each trip will be in the beginning of June.

The trip to Belize will be a seven day adventure with Coverdale to a Spanish speaking destination where students can see Mayan ruins and more. Coverdale sees the trip as a learning experience that will be filled with activities.

“It’s not just a learning experience, but more active and we will being doing stuff everyday,” said Coverdale.

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