Seniors glow up

From humble beginnings to confident upperclassmen, the seniors share their stories of how they glowed up.

Ally Justice

I would say that I have changed quite a bit from eighth grade/freshman year to now — physically and personality-wise. My hair is much lighter, braces are off, my face has less baby fat, and my eyebrows aren’t plucked so thin (I don’t know why I used to do that).

Jordan Livesay

I would say the biggest changes from freshman year to senior year would be my hair, makeup style, and physique. My hair went through many phases: super long with a grown out balayage; shoulder length with a balayage that looked orange; and longer hair that turned out green when I wanted it ashy brown to a naturally black color. I also got layers and started parting my hair down the middle instead of the side, which also made a huge difference. I’ve made lots of changes to how I do my makeup, but the main one would be wearing false lashes. Another physical change would be the muscle I’ve gained in my legs from working out for little over a year — I used to be super skinny.

Abby Colson

Well, my hair used to be straight, but it has become naturally curly; also I think I’ve gained some muscle since freshman year thanks to weight class. As for my personality, it really hasn’t changed, and I’m pretty proud of that. I feel like I’ve stayed true to myself over the years, and if anything, have only grown more confident.

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