Dear Mr. Ashley…

Baylee Comer plans to attend University of Indianapolis, where she will major in archaeology in the fall.

Bobby Ashley has been my coach for the past three years. But more than that, he has become someone I can count on to always be there if I have a problem. I know without a shadow of a doubt that he cares for my teammates and me as more than just players. We are family, and he helped to create that family dynamic.

 Bobby is motivating not just on the cross country course or the track, but also in the classroom. Just this past year, Bobby has gotten a job at the school as the new JAG teacher, and I know no one could motivate and inspire youth better than he can.

Thank you, Bobby. You have guided, motivated, and inspired me for the last three years. Your caring personality is a shining light in the halls of SHS, and I hope you continue inspiring more people with that light!

Baylee Comer 

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