Dear Mr. Bagwell…

Briana Drum plans to attend Johnson University, where she will major in elementary education in the fall.

Dear Mr. Bagwell, 

I wish I could go to school one more time so I could see your smiling face that often brightened my day. I would like to thank you for making me feel welcomed by junior year. I have always been a shy person so moving to a new school was something I was not looking forward to. I am so blessed that the first class I had at my new school was American Studies. You greeted Ciera and I and made us feel welcomed. You introduced us to the class as Clark Kent and Superman and I will never forget that day. I loved your jokes and they made me smile everyday.

Your class was one of my favorite classes in my high school career. You always had a smile on your face and made whatever thing we were learning fun and exciting. You created fun presentations that make learning fun and helped me come out of my shell.  Your class was the class I looked forward to and that I wanted to go back to. I love your jokes within the lessons and your comments that made the whole class smile. 

I will miss having advisory with you. We had so much fun even in that short period of time two times a week. I enjoyed watching movies and playing games with you. You helped me out of my shell and realize my potential. I am so glad that I moved to Scottsburg so I could meet an incredible person and role model to me. 

Thank you for supporting me throughout my high school career at Scottsburg.  Thank you for making me become more confident in myself. Thank you for all of those funny twin comments that always made Ciera and I smile. 

Thank you for being an encourager and a smiling face when I needed one, 

Briana Drum

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