Dear Mr. Haven…

Ally Hall plans to attend Indiana State University, where she will major in nursing in the fall.

Not going to lie, I would much rather be delivering this speech in person instead of being in quarantine, but I think we’re all trying to make the best of it.

There’s not many teachers you get the privilege of sharing seven out of seven and one-half semesters of high school with. You can’t really anticipate what it’s like to have a teacher watch you grow and develop in some of the most important years in your life.

But there were the good days, like when I started to tape Mr. Haven’s school phone, which required a lot of stealth. I think my motivation to continue was hearing stories from other class periods and immediately knowing I did it. There were also “not great” days, when I’d procrastinate to come to school, probably a bit overdramatic, with boy issues that Haven always reassured me that I was valid and deserved more out of life.

I’ll never forget the hidden lessons Mr. Haven taught me throughout almost four years of high school. Not just biology, chemistry, anatomy, and zoology, but logical thinking, the ability to humanize myself, and most importantly, knowing my worth. And I think I’ll always be able to remember these lessons, as well as the good and bad days.

Mr. Haven, I want to say thank you. Thank you for giving me the courage and confidence to keep trying in school. Thank you for never giving up on me. Thank you for making my school days better and being able to truly relate to a teacher. 

Ally Hall 

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