Dear Mr. Trinkle…

Ethan Mullins plans to attend University of Southern Indiana, where he will major in mechanical engineering in the fall.

I remember eighth grade like it was five years ago. Most importantly, I remember sitting in Mr. Trinkle’s class, wondering how I was going to survive sitting in a classroom surrounded by girls who believed they were smarter than me.

We did accomplish some math, but we learned more than that from Mr. Trinkle.  I remember a lot of laughs and a lot of bad jokes in his class. Donuts were a staple as well. Anytime we went to Lon’s, I tried to remember a bowtie for Trinkle.

The number of donuts and jokes never measured up to how much he pushed me to succeed as a student, or to take the time to get to know me. I remember visiting my mom at the school on her birthday. Naturally, I had to make a stop by Trinkle’s classroom. The first thing I heard when I opened his classroom door was his booming voice, “Ethan Mullins, the man, the myth, the legend!”  

It’s just amazing to think about how after so many years, he still makes me feel like I’m special. I just wanted to thank him for believing in me and for always pushing me to be the best that I can. Even if the girls thought they could beat me! 

Ethan Mullins

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