Dear Mrs. Banister…

Hannah Brown plans to attend Indiana University Southeast, where she will major in elementary education in the fall.

I have had the highest respect for this person ever since I was a young girl in kindergarten. This person was my kindergarten teacher, so I remember walking in that day and feeling very nervous like everyone else. This teacher welcomed us into her classroom, even though she was probably nervous too since we were her very first class ever. Even though I remember very little from kindergarten because I was so young, I do remember how patient this person was with all of her students which is why she inspired me to choose elementary education to pursue as a career. 

Once I chose this career path I had the opportunity to choose any teacher at any elementary school to intern in their classroom this past spring. Within seconds I knew that this person would be great to intern with and learn from. I had a great time in her first-grade classroom, and I loved having the opportunity to grow relationships with her students every day. Even though the year was cut short, I still learned so much. 

One thing that sets this person apart from any other teacher that I have ever had was her willingness to listen and have patience with every one of her students. Teaching lower grade levels can be difficult sometimes, but this person continually has the patience and a heart of forgiveness every day. I believe that this is such an important quality to have as a teacher because many younger children in lower grade levels are faced with obstacles such as learning disabilities, autism, and anxiety disorders.

This person continually goes out of her way to take care of each of her students, and she always knows what is best for them. During my short time in her classroom, I was able to see how this person cares deeply for each of her students. One student that I would work with individually every day was really struggling with social skills and manners.

This teacher had the perfect solution to this which was signing her up for a dance class. The student did not get to join this year due to COVID-19, but this situation just shows how this person takes the extra step to make sure her students are learning inside and outside of her classroom.

Thank you, Brittany Banister for welcoming me into your classroom this spring, and inspiring me to choose this career path! 

Hannah Brown 

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