Dear Mrs. Becker…

Brianna Self plans to attend Indiana University Southeast, where she will major in nursing in the fall.

If this were a speech about many teachers who have impacted my life, this would be easier for me to write. I have had so many teachers who have impacted my life and so before I start this, I just want to thank every single teacher, administrator, guidance counselor, and janitor that has impacted my life from elementary school to middle school and now to high school.

As I have sat and thought about what I am going to say during this speech for days, I still do not entirely know what I will say. Words cannot merely describe the impact that this person has had on my life in such a short time. I came into high school with a small group of friends and my older sister having my back. I survived freshman year with a tight friend group of which is still by my side today.

As I moved onto sophomore year and every year after that, I gained more friends and I was introduced to more and more people through yearbook, which includes students and teachers. One teacher that has stood out to me the most because of this, is Ms. Becker. Although I never had her as a teacher, I was in her classroom weekly sophomore, junior, and most often during senior year. 

After being introduced, we quickly had a close relationship. Ms. Becker has always been supporting me even when we were not as close as we are today. As many of you know, I have had many health issues that resulted in 8 brain surgeries and a lot of other tests. I have had many supporters, but one that was always checking in on me no matter if I was at school or not, was Ms. Becker. She always asked me how I was doing when I first came back to school and asked me if she could do anything to help me. I bring that up because it shows just how genuine she is and how she always looks out for people and is always so caring. 

Ms. Becker is one of the sweetest people you will ever come across. Whether it is in her classroom or out in public, she is always so caring, and trust me, I have seen both because I see her at Walmart as well :). She is always so caring for her kids and she welcomes anybody into her classroom to help them. Her staff is just as sweet and caring as her so I cannot leave them out of this speech whatsoever because they deserve the same recognition as she does. 

There is never a dull day when you see her in public or in her classroom because she is always smiling and is always so happy. During my senior year, along with my fellow peers, I have been under tremendous amounts of stress trying to juggle all of my classwork, other senior activities, and requirements, as well as working a job. With all of that stress, came a lot of tears and just thinking that I was not capable of doing what I needed to do well. Ms. Becker always had an open door and was always there to listen and talk to me about what I was going through.

 I remember one morning my car did not start and I was already under a lot of stress and so I broke down. I came into school crying and I went straight to her room. She was able to talk to me and calm me down and reassured me everything was okay. Not all of our memories together in her classroom are me crying and breaking down though. There have been many days we sit in there and laugh and have fun with her kids and her staff. I always was happy being in there and was glad I was able to help her with her kids and be able to just have fun either at the beginning of my day or in the afternoon during office inter, sorry Angie and Melissa!! 

Ms. Becker is an inspiration to me and I can assure you that she is that to a number of other people as well. Her heart is pure and she is just such a good person all around. Without her, I probably would not be where I am right now with college and scholarship interviews and such. She has continued to push me to keep fighting through all of the stress and everything else I have gone through to keep me afloat.

As this chapter in my life closes and I move onto another one, I will bring everything that she has taught me with me through all of my next steps. Ms. Becker, I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. Never let anything keep you from being your true self because that is when you are your best. I will always come back to visit no matter how far away I am!

I will miss you and the kids in your class so much, but I know they are in good hands. Like we always say, I love you most. Thank you. 

Brianna Self 

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