Stuckwisch thanks the class of 2020

From Mrs. Stuckwisch

Mrs. Stuckwisch is a mathematics teacher at Scottsburg High School.

Dear Seniors,

Well, here it is!  This is it!  You’ve finally reached the end of 13 years of education – Congratulations!  I think . . .

I first met many of you when you were sophomores.  I knew right away that your class was going to be special in so many ways.  What I didn’t expect was the impact you would have on me as a person and as an educator.

To those of you who constantly asked me “why?” in class — thanks!!!  You have made me think more in the last three years than I had for the past several.  Your questions took me out of auto-pilot teaching mode and made me learn myself.  This has kept me on my toes and has allowed me to become a better teacher.  Hopefully, this will help those classes after you. After you leave Scottsburg High School, keep asking “why?” so that you not only learn but those around you learn also. 

To those of you who asked me to write letters of recommendation and thought you were asking me to do a job – thanks!!!  (No, that is not my sarcastic side showing through.)  By asking me to write a letter on your behalf, you were actually bestowing a great honor on me and letting me know that you valued my opinion of you.  This type of mutual respect relationship is one that I have always strived for in my career.  You all have built this relationship like no other class before you.

To those of you I don’t truly know, but have seen in the hallway — thanks!!! Your happy smiles and kindness over the years is a breath of fresh air.  It was because of you that some of my worst days were turned around and became much better.  Keep on smiling and sharing kindness with those around you.

To those of you that have required me to stretch my classroom management skills to their limit — thanks!!!  I have encountered some interesting classroom situations with you all that I will never forget.  The memories of your classroom antics will forever be etched on my mind.  When (or maybe if) I ever retire, I will have some amazing stories to take with me thanks to you all.

While I know this year did not end the way you wanted it to (or expected it to), I want you to know that you have made a lasting impression on the city of Scottsburg, Scottsburg High School, and on me.  You all have shown more courage that I could ever imagine having and I know that you all are going to be one of the strongest classes to ever leave SHS because of it.

You all have won over my heart in a way that other classes have not and you will be dearly missed. 

So, I only “think” congratulations because I don’t want to see you go!  However, that is selfish because your amazing personalities and minds need to be shared with the world.  Now is your time to shine!  Go for it and only look back to let me know the amazing things you are doing.

Goodbye and farewell Class of 2020!!

Mrs. Stuckwisch

P.S.  If you see me in public after this, don’t worry.  I won’t reprimand you for dress code violations; however, I will let you know that I will forever have the ability to smell spaghetti straps. (Ask around if you don’t understand that one.)

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